1Pulkit Sharma is a renowned Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalytical Therapist, and Spiritual Counselor in private practice at Pondicherry and Auroville. He has more than a decade of rich experience in clinical work, psychoanalysis, spirituality, trauma, psychological research and academics. He is also a spiritual seeker and has practiced different forms of yoga and meditation by taking a formal initiation. Pulkit has helped several people in India and across the world to find meaning and happiness in their life.

Services: Pulkit Sharma offers psychotherapy, spiritual guidance and life coaching in person (face-to-face and on the couch sessions) and also over Skype and telephone.

The Mission: Pulkit effectively combines psychological and spiritual techniques in his work. He sees psychological treatment not simply as a tool to remove the symptoms, but as a pathway of discovering the true self, developing self-love and striving for self-actualization.

Based on his vast experience, he figured out that psychological problems arise because people are disconnected from their higher superconscious self due to ubiquitous human ignorance and traumatic life experiences. Pulkit's primary mission is to enable people to lift this veil of ignorance and recover from trauma so that they can realize the glory of their transcendent self. He strives to help his clients to uncover the entire gamut of consciousness starting from the personal unconscious and going upwards to experience the heights and the bliss of the greater consciousness. Through this journey, one gets closer to the ultimate realization that everything, including one's own self is a part of the cosmic consciousness.

Work Experience:
1. In private practice as a clinical psychologist, psychoanalytical therapist and spiritual therapist (2013 onwards): During this period, Pulkit Sharma continues to help adults and adolescents suffering from a gamut of psychological and psychiatric disorders to become symptom-free, find meaning in their life and develop a connection with The Divine. He also works with couples and families to resolve their differences and live in harmony. He has been conducting several workshops on yoga, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, spirituality and integral psychology at different organizations across India. He has been invited as a resource person by several government and non-government organizations, private sector companies, schools and colleges especially to conduct training programs. He has also given inputs on various psychological issues to leading national and international newspapers, television, websites and radio channels.

2. Senior Psychologist and Training Head at Zyego- India's first app based mobile counselling service (2015-2016): Pulkit Sharma was the guiding factor behind the therapy format underlying the psychological services developed by Zyego. He personally trained and supervised most of the psychologists at the organization and devised the entire training module and therapy formats for various disorders.

3. Senior Counselling Psychologist at Vision IAS (2013-2016): At Vision IAS, Pulkit Sharma headed the team that conducted psychological assessments, provided counsel to the students who appeared for the civil services interview. He also conducted workshops and personality development program for the students.

4. Clinical Psychologist and teaching faculty at VIMHANS Hospital, Delhi (2009-2013): At VIMHANS, Pulkit Sharma diagnosed and treated children, adolescents and adults suffering from various psychological and psychiatric disorders. He helped many severely disturbed clients suffering from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, sexual abuse, borderline personality disorder, severe depression, panic disorder and substance use reclaim their life. He opened the psychoanalytic and personality disorders unit at the hospital and offered training in the psychodynamic approach. He supervised postgraduate students of psychiatry and clinical psychology in their clinical work, community outreach programs, therapeutic skills and research.

5. Senior Program Executive At Swanchetan Society for Mental Health, Delhi (2008-2009): At Swanchetan, Pulkit Sharma practiced psychotherapy and crisis intervention with victims of terrorist attacks, ethnic violence, marital discord, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. He headed a research project that studied the psychological distress of Delhi and Jaipur bomb blast victims. He was a part of the team that conducted forensic psychological evaluation at the request of the Delhi police.

6. School Psychologist at Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Delhi (2005-2006): The work included counselling school children with emotional and behavioural problems, providing family therapy to enhance the relationship between the parents and children and conducting workshops for children, parents and teachers.

Educational Qualifications
• B.A. (Hons.) Psychology from University of Delhi
• M.A. (Clinical Psychology) from University of Delhi
• Training in Psychoanalytic Therapy from Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies
• UGC (NET) in Psychology
• M.Phil. (Clinical Psychology) from IHBAS, University of Delhi

Writing and Research
Pulkit Sharma is an avid researcher and writer and has authored over 150 articles and research papers in the area of Psychology and Spirituality. He is a regular columnist with The Speaking Tree (The Times of India) and Life Positive Magazine. His work has been extensively covered by the national and the international media.

Spiritual Journey
Pulkit Sharma is a devotee of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and has been working to amalgamate Integral Yoga with Western Psychotherapy. Since early childhood, he had questions about the meaning and purpose of human existence. As he grew up, these concerns motivated him to begin his spiritual journey. He is deeply influenced by the work of Siddeshwar Baba on the awakening of Kundalini. He has also been initiated in and practiced Transcendental Meditation, Sudarshan Kriya, Acem Meditation and Surat-Shabad Yoga.

Member of
• Rehabilitation Council of India
• Indian Association of Clinical Psychology
• Indian Psychoanalytic Society
• Indian Association of Community Psychology

Pulkit Sharma can be reached at
E-mail: info@thepsychologistindia.com
Phone: 9811483873