Heal Your Pain
By: Pulkit Sharma
Published on: November 8, 2018

Dr Most of us have had a traumatic past, and it often leads to emotional pain which can vary in intensity, frequency and duration. While some bounce back quickly, others struggle to cope with it. For them, the despair runs into weeks, months and even years and despite trying their best, the negative thoughts and emotions keep haunting them.

No matter how severe the trauma is, I have seen that our spirit is always waiting for unconditional love and boundless empathy to revive itself. People try to find such support in different relationships � while some benefit working with a psychologist, there are others who look up to a spiritual master, still others who blossom through a love relationship, a friendship or a deep and meaningful bond.

Healing can come from different sources. It is the intensity and authenticity of the relationship that matters. When someone gets a consistent relationship where their spirit is loved, valued and validated, this powerful experience gets internalized in the self and they feel safe and strong enough to revive. However, many people report that their relationships are in a constant state of flux and they cannot depend on them.

Even then, there is nothing to worry about because the Divine is there to love us unconditionally and eternally. He waits for us with open arms, but we are unable to see and receive His love because of our ignorance. Once we surrender, His love heals us.

(This article was published in Hindustan Times.)