Everything We Have, Belongs To Her
By: Pulkit Sharma
Published on: January 15, 2019

Dr The Supreme consciousness becomes manifest in various elements of the creation through the play of the Divine Mother. Therefore, in order to realize that we are nothing but a part of the Supreme consciousness the only way out is to surrender to the Divine Mother and seek her grace. In Sri Aurobindo�s integral yoga, the Divine Mother is at the centre and everything that we have belongs to her. The purpose of our life is fulfilled only when we will become an instrument of the Divine Mother so that she utilizes us in her agenda.

The Mother is one, but appears before us in different personalities which represent her diverse powers and facets. Maheshwari is full of wisdom, peace and compassion and she nurtures everyone based on their intentions and actions to march forward towards the truth. Mahakali is the embodiment of staggering strength and force and she vehemently uproots all the anti-divine forces in individuals so that they make swift progress. Mahalakshmi is the personification of divine beauty, harmony and bliss and she encourages us to refine our being so that there is harmony and beauty within and around us. Mahasaraswati is the epitome of knowledge and excellence and bestows upon us a relentless spirit of perfection which encourages us to act according to the divine plan.

When an individual reaches a particular high point in spiritual development, these four powers of The Divine Mother find their harmony and freedom of movement within the jiva (the individual consciousness). Consequently, the Mahashakti or the one universal mother becomes manifest and unites us with the light and the bliss of the supreme consciousness. According to Sri Aurobindo, if this spiritual growth could be carried out at a substantial collective level, the human nature will be permanently transformed into the dynamic divine nature. This evolution of consciousness can be possible only when two great powers that are within us and also potentially present everywhere in the universe work in synchronization. The first is a relentless aspiration in the heart of the jiva to become one with the supreme and the second is the grace of the Divine Mother which responds to this endeavour with all her might. While, the grace of the Divine Mother is omnipresent it is often our aspiration that is fickle. Therefore, we need to strengthen and refine our aspiration so that its flame burns perpetually.

Sri Aurobindo elucidates a three-pronged approach of surrender, plasticity and rejection through which we can work on our aspiration. The surrender needs to be constant, vigorous and complete. At all times, the individual must actively offer each and every part of his being to the Divine Mother. No part of the self should resist or shy away from this movement under any pretext because the grace is able to do its work only when the surrender is total. Besides this, one needs to cultivate plasticity so that the power of The Mother can enter within and bring transformation. A lot of times higher power is waiting to guide and uplift us, but because of our tunnel vision and rigid notions we are unable to receive it. Therefore, it is crucial to let go of all preconceived notions and become malleable to the will of The Mother.

The component of rejection requires us to scan ourselves thoroughly and identify everything within us that is false. Once we know it, we need to make repeated and unfailing efforts in rejecting it so that the anti-divine forces do not impede our transformation. Once we do our bit, The Divine Mother does the works.

(This article was published in The Times of India.)