1Pulkit Sharma is a renowned Clinical Psychologist and Spiritual Therapist in private practice in Auroville, Pondicherry (Puducherry). He effectively combines psychological and spiritual techniques in his work. Based on his vast experience, he figured out that psychological problems arise because people are disconnected from their higher or superconscious self due to traumatic life experiences. The task of psychotherapy is to work through these traumatic experiences and restore the higher self. Pulkit sees psychological treatment not simply as a tool to remove symptoms but as a pathway of discovering the true self, developing self-love and striving for self-actualization.     Read More...

1 Dr. Amaresh Kumar is a Family Physician and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is currently conducting treatment sessions only on Skype. His main interests are in the field of Behaviour Medicine, Psycho-physiology, and Integrated Hypnotherapy. He has been working in the field of Mind-Body Medicine, mainly using Clinical Hypnotherapy (Cognitive and Regression) and Neurofeedback, since 2007. He also helped establish a centre for Mind-Body Medicine in a leading Psychiatric Hospital in Delhi, working directly under the founder.

Dr. Amaresh Kumar is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy trainer. He also has previous, extensive experience of working in Accident and Emergency (A/E)/Casualty Medicine. He is a Certified BLS and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Skills) provider.