A Diary of Gratitude
By: Pulkit Sharma
Published on: May 2, 2019

Dr There are many moments and phases in our life when we feel all alone. It could be the loss of a relationship, a big failure, a terminal illness or feeling disconnected from the world. During such times, a profound sadness takes charge of our being and it seems difficult to bounce back to life. However, we can always choose to let go of sadness and embrace happiness.

The usual tendency of our mind is to dwell upon all kinds of discomforts, losses, annoyances and irritations � big or small and take the positive aspects of life for granted. During a difficult phase, we forget all those times when life has been generous towards us � when family and friends supported us incessantly, when the Divine answered our prayers, when strangers went out of their way to helps us, when teachers and mentors guided and encouraged us, when a pet gave us unconditional love, when success came easily and when mother nature showered our senses with delight.

Why not rewire yourself to be optimistic, revel in this goodness and throw away your sadness?

Keeping a daily diary of gratitude is an easy way to change your negative and complaining mindset. You can carefully write down everything good whether big or small that comes your way during each day and express thankfulness. During a low phase, read this diary and have faith that the light outweighs the darkness. Slowly, you will realize that no matter what life is a blessing.