DrEach person wants to be able to bring out the best in them. Every day people come across advertisements that promise instant success, fame, positivity, love, motivation and happiness through use of some product or short-term service. While working as a psychologist in Delhi NCR, I have noticed that several people trysuch self grooming courses, creativity workshops, personality development courses, meditation and yoga camps and self-confidence boosting classes in a hope that they will be able to change some important aspects about themselves quickly. However, despite learning the best self-grooming techniques, reading self-help books on personality, practicing yogic breathing exercises, rehearsing motivational enhancement techniques and personality development tips they struggle to change themselves.Although people want to give a unique shape to their life, most of the times they end up being shaped by circumstances. As a result they feel bitter and frustrated.

It is important not to be misled by attractive advertisements and exaggerated promises of instant personality development. An individual's personality traits have a long history and reasons. There is only one way to change our personality traits that is through a detailed understanding of ourselves and our entire life from birth till now. Understanding one's self and personality, breaking down blind spots and filling the deficits is a time consuming process that requires hard work. In order to be able to bring out the best in oneself, self-growth through depth-oriented psychology is extremely helpful.

Self-growth through depth-oriented psychology is not simply a personality development, motivational or self-confidence building course but a deep understanding, analysis and change of self through individual one-to-one sessions. Rather than being taught personality development tips, you would be encouraged to look at the mysteries of your own subconscious mind. You will understand those mysteries layer by layer and resolve the dysfunctional patterns. This helps you achieve a permanent unshakable personality, abundant motivation and self-confidence. You become a transformed person and realize your unique potential. Thus begins the journey to self-growth where you feel confident, capable and liberated to bring out the best in yourself.

Therefore if you are based in Delhi NCR and are looking for self-grooming, personality development or motivational building experience, self-growth through depth-oriented psychology can help you out. Following are the key components of self-growth through depth-oriented psychology achieved in individual one-to-one sessions:

Personality Development Module 1- Self-awareness and analysis: There are no readymade solutions for any difficulty. What works best for one person may be disastrous for another. This is the main reason why people who indulge in standard personality development and self-grooming courses fail to see a lasting change in themselves. In the self-growth process, the first and the most important component is analysing and becoming aware of oneself through psychological analysis. Once we understand who we are and why we are like that it becomes easier to bring the desired change.

Personality Development Module 2- Goodbye to negative: We have grown up listening to criticism and negative feedback from several sources. As a result we also start thinking negatively about our own selves. These negative internalizations are the greatest source of failures and suffering. In personality development and self-grooming through self-growth, negative internalizations are confronted and removed. As a result one starts positive thinking.

Personality Development Module 3- Removing blind spots: Every individual develops certain blind spots that distort what they see, hear, feel and understand. People develop blind spots to safeguard against pain and anxiety temporarily. However, in the long run these blind spots make us doubt our own self and others. As a result they make people repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The blind spots stop people from self-growth and making progressive changes. A person can get rid of these blind spots by getting in touch with their unconscious feelings and impulses and channelizing them properly.

Personality Development Module 4- Building self-esteem:In my work as a psychologist in Delhi, I have analysed that low self-confidence is the single reason for several difficulties at studies, work and relationships. The process of self-growth helps you build a realistic and high self-confidence. Once you have adequate self-confidence, handling with various challenges, crisis and failures becomes much easier. However, building self-esteem is not a quick fix. It takes time to understand the sources of one's fragile self-esteem and repair it gradually. Once we have a strong sense of self, our entire personality becomes unshakable.

Personality Development Module 5- Discovering true self and success: All of us are born unique but right from birth the society puts pressure on us to be in a certain way. As a psychologist practicing in Delhi NCR, I often see that people perform below their potential. This is because, we are forced to become what we are not and in the process we get disconnected from our true self. The best success mantra is to discover one's true self and let it blossom. Once we live life based on our true self, we will be successful and happy.

Personality Development Module 6- Reciprocal relationships: Self-growth through depth-oriented psychology also helps a person in understanding and working through their relationship conflicts. Everyone needs good reciprocal relationships but they are unable to develop such relationships. People end up being either givers or takers in their close relationships and this brings disillusionment. Once you understand yourself and your relationship patterns, you are able to deal with all relationship conflicts and problems. Self-growth gives you the power to develop and maintain blissful relationships.

Self-growth through depth-oriented psychology can bring a transformation in your life provided you have patience, sufficient motivation, commitment and willingness to undertake a journey within. Depth-oriented counselling and psychotherapy at Imago-Centre for Self offers following:

. Self-growth
. Personality development
. Cultivating motivation
. Self-actualization
. Enhancing self-esteem
. Developing self-confidence
. Self-grooming
. Discovery of true self
. Self-love
. Inner healing
. Creative explorations
. Integration of material and spiritual self

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