Dr. Amaresh Kumar - (Family Physician, Clinical Hypnotherapist)

Dr. Amaresh Kumar is a Family Physician and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is currently conducting treatment sessions only on Skype. His main interests are in the field of Behaviour Medicine, Psycho-physiology, and Integrated Hypnotherapy. He has been working in the field of Mind-Body Medicine, mainly using Clinical Hypnotherapy (Cognitive and Regression) and Neurofeedback, since 2007. He also helped establish a centre for Mind-Body Medicine in a leading Psychiatric Hospital in Delhi, working directly under the founder.

Dr. Amaresh Kumar is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy trainer. He also has previous, extensive experience of working in Accident and Emergency (A/E)/Casualty Medicine. He is a Certified BLS and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Skills) provider. He consults with patients requiring help for problems of psychosomatic origin/functional disorders, stress-related problems and Behavioural issues. His desire is to help patients manage their stress better and make healthier lifestyle choices and sustain them.

Problems for which he can be consulted:

(Fear of Public Speaking; Fear of heights, etc.)
Shyness and Introversion;
Sleep Problems (Insomnia, stress-related sleep issues);
Sleep Paralysis and Nightmares;
Trauma And Post-Traumatic Stress;
Addictions (Cigarettes, Tobacco and Alcohol);
Difficulty in Weight(Fat) Loss and Sugar Addiction;
Migraine and Other Headaches(caused by Stress);
Stress-Related Abdominal Pain (Irritable Bowel);
Lower Back Pain/Neck Pain/ Other pains (stress-related);
Tics and Tourettes;
Increasing Resilience and Coping Skills;
Relaxation Training for Medical Problems (viz High Blood Pressure,Diabetes);
Low Confidence;
Nocturnal Micturition (Bed-wetting);

Self-Hypnosis and Guided Imagery for Enhancing Life:

Finding purpose of one's Life;
Increasing Motivation;
Behaviour Change/Lifestyle Change (Healthier);
Positive Thinking;
Acheiving Focus and Excellence in Sports;
Self-Hypnosis to Enhance one's Career/Achieve Goals;
Hypnosis for Academic improvement;

For Exploration of The Subconscious Mind and Beyond:

Deep States hypnosis;
Spiritual Exploration using Hypnotic Trance States

For enquiries and appointments please call Dr. Amaresh Kumar on 9810833411 OR Email:- info@thepsychologistindia.com

For enquiries and appointments please call Dr. Amaresh Kumar on 9810833411 OR Email:- info@thepsychologistindia.com